Trinity Worldwide Corporation was incorporated in North Carolina on Feb. 11, 2000 as a business corporation.
We provide mainly contract services to the IT Industry. All our employees are highly-skilled service professionals.
All have college degrees, some of them advanced, plus many years' experience in IT and widely-recognized
professional certifications. All are entrepreneurs and shareholders in the Corporation.

We have every confidence in the abilities of our service professionals, so it is our standard policy to offer all new
clients a two-week, risk-free evaluation of their services. At the end of the first two weeks of service, if you are not
fully satisfied with the performance of a
Trinity consultant, simply dismiss him with a statement listing your
complaints, and you will owe us nothing.

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Incorporators' Statement
We, the Incorporators, propose to form a business corporation that operates like a professional association, but
provides mainly unlicensed, non-personal services under contract to clients. Our business may operate in any
nation and compass all lawful areas of human enterprise that require highly-skilled technical services. We intend
all our service personnel to be professionally certified in their fields of work and to perform at a level that ranks in
the top 5% of their peers.

While it is a challenging objective, our mission goes deeper than merely achieving excellence in service. We also
want to create a corporate environment that is centered around, recognizes, and rewards individual effort. We do
not want to make the mistake of building a company that exists solely to make a profit and enrich its shareholders,
where the all too common, obsessive-compulsive hunger for profits leads management to manipulate, deceive,
and abuse employees. Rather, we intend to reward our employees with most of the profit that other service firms
retain (to boost their share price) or pass as dividends to their shareholders.

We aim to found a company that exists primarily to serve its employees, and through them its clients. Our energies
are focused primarily on creating:
  •   a corporate environment designed for technically-skilled
  •   a company where there are as few levels of management as possible, where everyone's dignity is respected,
       and all are treated as equals;
  •   a company whose employees, being both shareholders and officers, have a stake in the company and
       perform administrative functions;
  •   a company where each employee is given a business opportunity limited only by his own abilities and
  •   in short, a company of the employees, by the employees, and for the employees.
Mission Statement
In light of the above, the company's primary mission objectives include:
  •   the rendering of contract services of the highest quality and technical expertise;
  •   initially, employing Experienced Service Professionals  who strive to maintain their skills in the top 5% of their
       specialties nationally, and who are paid strictly on a fee and commission basis from the revenues they
  •   later, employing a smaller number of less-experienced service personnel, who will be paid a salary, with the
       expectation that they will become Experienced Service Professionals;
  •   minimizing corporate overhead;
  •   accumulating very modest corporate earnings;
  •   maximizing the employee’s share of revenues he generates in a flexible mix of wages and tax-deferred
       investments under his control;
  •   maximizing employee immunity to legal action;
  •   zero employee manipulation and deception;
  •   minimal employee control and regulation;
  •   creating an entrepreneurial environment where the employee has maximal control over his own destiny;
  •   fostering the camaraderie and mutual support that comes from fellow employees being partners in a

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