Number Systems    Apr 6, 2004    (MS-Word 58KB)  (PDF 57KB)
     All popular number systems use an Arabic-style representation, in which a numeric value is written as a
string of digits, for example N3 N2 N1 N0, which is really shorthand for the actual value being represented. The
actual value is a polynomial in the number system’s Base, where

Variable-length Subnet Masks    Apr 28, 2004    (MS-Word 96 KB)
     The Problem:  By 1992, it was obvious to many in the Internet community that two mounting problems had
become critical:
     1.  Exhaustion of the class B network address space.
     2.  Growth of routing tables in Internet routers beyond the ability of current software, hardware, and people
           to effectively manage.
     A plan was developed by the IETF to slow the growth of routing tables and the rate of depletion of class B
(and eventually class A) networks. This plan was called Classless Inter-domain Routing or CIDR

Group Policy Structure and Logic    Apr 6, 2004    (MS-Word 54 KB)
     1. Every group policy object (GPO) consists of two components: a) an Active Directory object known as the
group policy container (GPC), which contains GPO attributes, such as name and version number, and b) a
folder structure known as the group policy template (GPT), which is located under the
sysvol share and
replicated among domain controllers (DCs)


How to Setup a NAT Demand-dial Router    Apr 23, 2004    (MS-Word 1,365 KB)
     Objective:  To configure a Network Address Translation (NAT) Demand-dial Router (DDR) to connect a
private-address local area network (LAN) to the Internet by dialing an ISP

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